Our approach is tailored to every Trade-show or event but our typical methods and engagements look something like this:
We have designed a research program involving some of our best research analysts, tele-surveyors, social media experts and email survey campaign mangers.

This means that we are skilled in multiple techniques including:
Qualitative Research (Focused Groups with Industries, Sectors and In-depth reach)
Quantitative Research (Online Surveys, Tele-Phone Surveys, Social Surveys)


Secondary Research
Our B2B Expertise means that are can access and engage “Decision Making folks like CEO’s, CTO, VP’s to Managers and User Level” as well. From Lab Managers to CIO’s to Operations Executives, you name them and we have probably interviewed them.

Our Surveys are short and sweet with special give-aways and free registrations. The two questions that we mostly focus on are:

Are you going to these (Industry specific) shows this year? and Are you willing to receive 3rd party advertisements, offers and invitations to connect?
There!! we solve your opt-in and permission marketing problem as well.!

At the end of the research, we enable our customers to execute Multi-channel campaigns including Direct Mail, TeleMarketing and Email Marketing and maximise their Pre and Post show marketing.

Apart from the usual survey techniques similar to other firms, we are the best in Social Listening and Analytics. We monitor Keywords, Tradeshow names and Hashtags for over 6 months to understand companies that are participating, product launches and various other parameters that are clients are interested in.

Work with us today and specify which trade-shows and events you are exhibiting or attending. Write to us at